Commercial Music Ensemble Promotes Music Students

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CME performs in the GSC. Photo by Ileana Brown

CME performs in the GSC. Photo by Ileana Brown

Snow College’s Music Department offers a variety of music opportunities for music majors, one includes the Commercial Music Ensemble (CME). Put together by Ted Hinckley, the Director of Music Technology, Music Business, and Vance Larsen the Director of the Horne School of Music. CME is similar to a cover band, performing well known songs and hits for the public and Snow College Students. CME use to be known as Senior Capstone, because it was required for senior music majors to participate in, for at least two semesters.They eventually changed the name to CME with opened auditions to everyone. This gives Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors the opportunity to learn and work with Seniors who went through the same steps they are going to embark on in their school years. CME not only covers popular songs, but they allow the students to perform their own original songs. This helps them gain feedback from the audience and peer members. D*ixie Linn Choque is a music major at Snow College. Her instruments are the piano and her voice. She is also a student who auditioned for CME and got in. D*ixie said, “CME gives students an opportunity to learn how to transcribe songs, learn to work with each other, and it’s a good learning experience.”

Many music majors throughout their school years try to make connections with professionals and local businesses to play music at. CME gives students an opportunity to work in a band setting performing for local businesses and traveling at times. All this adds up to the many connections that can give these students a loophole into their dream career in music. CME also teaches students how to perform in front of an audience preparing them how to fix any on stage or technical problems that can occur at any given moment now or in future jobs. Isaac Linares is a bassist and drummer who also tried out for CME and made it, he shared what he loves about performing, “I like performing because it’s just fun in general, but then I love making music and it makes me happy. It makes sense to go and share that with other people.” D*ixie summed up by saying “music is really influential and powerful and so performing is just a fun experience to be able to share that with others. You are literally sharing a piece of yourself and people can take from it what they will or will not.”

The Commercial Music Ensemble performed in the Rock and Roll Choir Concert in the Eccles Center at 7:30pm on March 10-11.

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