Communications Department Holding Dinner

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The communications department is hosting a promotional kick-off for the 2015-16 school year on October 22 at 5:30.

The event will consist of free pizza, informational booths from each part of the communications department, and even free t-shirts. Students who are interested in debate, radio, newspaper, and public relations should attend.

Students interested in the event should arrive around 5:30, and will have the opportunity to talk to representatives from different clubs about opportunities in communications.

A sophomore communications major, Katrina Christensen, was explaining the benefits of a communications degree.

“Almost every job requires good communications skills,” explained Katrina, “I think it is the most useful major a person can choose.”

A communications major is versatile and there are many different career opportunities that students may be interested in. Aside from more obvious careers in journalism and radio, Comm majors are often needed as public relations and human resource specialists for different businesses.

The different programs here at Snow College are excellent resources for students looking to add to their resume. The Radio club gives students opportunities to DJ on their own; the Snowdrift gives students the chance to publish their own articles in the school paper; and our debate team travels the country competing in competitions every year.

For students interested in joining communications clubs, considering becoming a communications major, or who just want to learn more, this event is a great opportunity!

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