Countdown to Kickoff

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2014-15 SBA's lounging before last years super bowl activity. Photo courtesy of Snow College Student Life

2014-15 SBA’s lounging before last years super bowl activity. Photo courtesy of Snow College Student Life

It’s game time! Student life will host a Super Bowl activity on Sunday January 31, 2016 from 4pm-8pm in the Greenwood Student Center. Snow College students can comfortably watch the awaited game on the biggest screen in Sanpete County and enjoy a classic stadium experience. Students can expect great food, big prizes, and entertaining commercials.

This year’s activity is sure to be bigger and better than in the past. Student body advocate Abby Martinez says, “We wanted to keep…the stadium vibe. We have a brand new screen and we’ll be live screening the commercials.” To keep the stadium feel, concessions and game food will be served. Hot dogs and nachos will also be served.  Martinez also mentioned, “We want to have the beanbag atmosphere so we’re going to have as many beanbags as we can find.” Beanbags will cover the GSC floor, and there will be chairs enough for everyone.

Prizes will be given to the person who most closely guess the halftime and final game scores. The closest guess to the half time score will win a George Forman grill, and the winner of the final score prize will receive a brand new TV. Other small prizes will be awarded throughout the night.

For those who are less interested in the game but are still looking for some social life, one  can come get free food and play board games in the back with an occasional pause for the best commercial breaks on TV.

This year marks the fiftieth year of the super bowl, and Snow College’s game party is sure to live up to the golden anniversary. For more information on this activity, visit the student life office on the second floor of the Greenwood Student Center.

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