Danger in Synthetic Drugs

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Photo courtesy kfor.com

Photo courtesy kfor.com

Deaths due to drug use have been increasing rapidly over the past few years, but something that is just now gaining attention is the number of deaths that have been caused by synthetic drugs.

CNN uses the example from 2012 of an 18 year-old, popular, college- bound, high school football player who went to a party and was found dead not far from his home the next morning. The detective on this case found an unidentifiable white powder at the party and in the weeks to come, more deaths were linked to this substance.

After the drug was sent to the lab, they found that this drug was 2C-I-NBOMe, which is a synthetic designer drug that imitates the high of the banned drug LSD. The drug is so potent that a dose the size of just a few grains of salt can be enough to get high.

Synthetic designer drugs have been gaining popularity in the past years. Companies, mostly in China, change the molecular construct of the drug just enough to get around US laws.

Drugs like Spice, N-bombe, and K2 are all synthetic designer drugs that are used as a legal alternative to marijuana, cocaine, or heroine. Major health problems and deaths have been linked to each of these designer synthetic drugs.

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