Does the Guy Typically Pay?

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While on a date, both students insist on paying for the food. Photo by Lillian Wade

There is a debate now rising, and people are looking for a balance. Where should the line be drawn to make everyone happy?  It has been expected that the man should always pay for the date for a long time, but is that the current belief?  

Christina Moulton, parent of a Snow College student said, “When I was dating, I did not even think about paying! My husband always paid for my dinner.”  Now society has transitioned into a time when it is acceptable for either one to pay. 

This question is not as simple as pointing a finger and deciding who should pay. It depends on the situation. As a girl, if asked out on a date, it is perfectly fine to expect him to pay for dinner. However, if the tables are turned, and the girl asks, they should finish the day by paying for dinner. 

Some believe that in today’s world, women have jobs too. It may seem unfair that the guy should pay for every date. If he is insisting, then by all means, but preferably whoever took the time to plan a date and take the other to do something enjoyable, they should be the one who pays. 

If a relationship has been formed by consistently going out with the same person, and he has kindly paid for most of your dates, that favor should be reciprocated by treating him once in a while with little to no problem. Emma Runolfson, a freshman at Snow College said, “I think on the first date the boy should pay, but if you are dating, then it becomes mutual.” Men also need to be given to, even if that fact is not often discussed. In the end, women fighting for equal rights should apply for everything across the board. 

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