Domestic Violence and the NFL

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Ray Rice suspended indefinitely from the NFL for domestic violence incident.  Photo courtesy of

Ray Rice suspended indefinitely from the NFL for domestic violence incident. Photo courtesy of

The National Football League is enforcing a new policy on domestic violence after receiving
criticism for the suspension given to Baltimore Ravens running-back, Ray Rice.
Ray Rice was arrested on charges of assault after he punched his fiancée in an elevator on March
27, 2014.
The NFL handed him a two game suspension effective at the beginning of the 2014 season.
Many viewed this punishment as too light, which resulted in the NFL receiving a lot of criticism.
After this series of offseason events, the NFL enacted a new league policy regarding domestic
This policy is much stricter and applies to players, administrators, owners and all other league
If an NFL player or associate gets charged with domestic violence, he will receive a six game
suspension for their first offense.
If a second offense is committed, then the assailant will receive a lifetime-ban from all league
operations. This lifetime-ban can be appealed after one year of enforcement by the guilty party.
Many people started calling for a more severe punishment to Ray Rice after TMZ released a
graphic video on September 8 of Rice knocking out his fiancée and attempting to drag her body
out of the elevator.
The video sparked reactions from former and current NFL associates who are calling for further
action from the NFL.
The Baltimore Ravens terminated Rice’s contract and released him from all team obligations
hours after the release of the video. Rice is still eligible for play elsewhere in the NFL, pending
further league punishment.
The release of the video has caused NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to reopen the case
against Ray Rice. The NFL is hopeful that the actions they have taken relating to these events will improve their
reputation and association with off-field violence.

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