Drop! Cover! Hold On! for the ShakeOut 

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The Great Utah ShakeOut is coming, make sure you are prepared. 

The main day of action is April 20, although organizations can register to have their drill another day.  Over 874,440 people and organizations are registered to participate in the ShakeOut for this year.  So far that is lower than the previous years, but there is still time for people to register online to participate. The ShakeOut is also a major activity in America’s “PrepareAthon”.  

Snow College plans to participate by testing the emergency siren system and the digital alert system at 10:15 am on Thursday, April 20, 2017. Snow College encourages students to voluntarily participate in order to be better prepared in the event that an earthquake does occur. 

“Emergency preparedness is something that was so important to my family and now that I’m in college I don’t have a 72 hour kit or anything. The ShakeOut makes me think I need to become prepared for anything that could happen” said Miranda Palsson. Snow College Freshman. 

There are four steps of response in the event of an actual earthquake. First “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” get somewhere on the ground with something covering your body and head if possible and hold on until the shaking stops. Do not get in a doorway, run outside, or believe the “triangle of life”.  

Once the shaking has stopped check the surrounding area help those who may be injured, if possible. If inside, try to evacuate the building if it is safe, go to an open area to avoid things that may fall.  

It is recommended to have a 72-hour kit available and ready to go. A 72-hour kit should consist of a supply of food, water, clothing, blankets, work gloves, medications, personal care items, etc.  Snow College has an example of the kit displayed in the Greenwood Student Center in a display case near the resident life room.  

“It’s good that we are practicing for all this. Even if it doesn’t happen on our lifetime it’s still good to practice” said Darin Allen, a Snow College student.  Utah has been over due for a huge earth quake due to the Wasatch fault line that runs 240 miles from Southern Idaho through Northern Utah.  

For more helpful information about the ShakeOut visit http://www.shakeout.org/utah/index.html.

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