Drug-Laced Candy Found at Box Elder High School

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Three Box Elder High School students are being accused of lacing candy with alcohol and the prescription drug Xanax, then distributing these candies to their classmates in Brigham City. This resulted in one student being hospitalized.

Police were first informed of this activity when the student was taken to the area hospital last week. The boy told the police chief that he had been given three gummy worms that were laced with alcohol and drugs, and after eating the candy he became very ill and was rushed to the ER.

Since that point, three students were identified at the school who may be connected to the dangerous drugged candies. These students could possibly face criminal charges. The students haven’t given much information on what has happened, and more evidence is being gathered.

No other students have been given the spiked candy as reported by the local police, and searches have been unable to find any more of the candy. The authorities involved in this case are being cautious and looking everywhere for more leads as they have dealt with similar cases before at the high school. It’s very dangerous as it is unknown how the drugs could affect each student that takes them.

It’s very concerning that kids are taking these treats and not knowing who they are getting them from. Any information regarding this case is to be given to the Brigham City police as they continue with the investigation.

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