Ebola Claims Another Life

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SLC Army reserve to fight Ebola. Photo courtesy of ksl.com

SLC Army reserve to fight Ebola. Photo courtesy of ksl.com

The second patient has passed away from Ebola in the United States.  Dr. Martin Salia, a surgeon from Maryland, had spent many hours in West Africa treating Ebola patients.

Out of the 5,177 patients that have passed away, he had reported treating nearly 1,200 of them.

It is rare for somebody to die from Ebola in the United States, due to the extensive medical and financial resources.   Dr. Martin Salia was only admitted into the hospital in Nebraska on Saturday, where it is said that he was “extremely critical.”  His kidneys and respiratory system had already begun to fail.

The doctors tried everything they could to save him, but he was too far along to reverse the damage from the disease.  Doctors have learned a lot more about Ebola after helping Salia.

Salia had taken a test to see if he had Ebola. The results were negative.  He took another test and it came back positive.  They are not sure why the first test came back negative.

Doctors say that to have a chance at survival, patients need to begin treatment as soon as possible after catching the virus. This is difficult because sometimes symptoms don’t show for up to 21 days.

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