Ecology Students get Hands On Experience

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Planting to save the planet. Photo Courtesy of

Planting to save the planet. Photo Courtesy of

On Thursday April 7, 13 of the Snow College Ecology students headed down south to gain some hands on experience with wildlife and plants.

The ecology class got to experience some of the things that they have been learning about all semester. They were able to run tests and learn how to collect data such as vegetation density and other valuable information. The Snow College students visited locations such as Zions National park, the Mojave Desert, Escalante, and various other places. Trevor Williams, a sophomore here at Snow College, said, “It was fun to go places that I’ve never been before and to learn about their environments.”

The Ecology students spent some time hiking Angels Landing, The Narrows, and many other adventurous areas. The ecology students also got to study some of the wildlife such as deer, big horned sheep, various birds, and other interesting animals. The students also studied plants that have adapted to the ecosystem such as sagebrush, globemallow, and penstemon. Landon Carter, a sophomore, said, “I enjoyed expanding my knowledge on plants that have adapted to different ecosystems. It was a great opportunity to get some hands on experience.”

The ecology class is a great way to learn about various animals and plants. It is highly recommended to sign up for the class next time.

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