Effective Study Habits

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Snow College students practice good study habits together.

Finals are just around the corner. Here are some study tips and tricks to help make finals less stressful this semester.   

Cramming and procrastination can lead to a poor study session, where not much is learned. Studies show that students that set time aside throughout the week to study do better in class. 

Plan to study, and set regular times in the day. Students that have shorter study sessions that are spaced out over a period of time learn the material better than students that have a marathon study session. 

Chew gum while studying, and then when taking an exam. Chewing gum connects what is being learned into muscle memory, making it easier to remember, and learn! 

Get rid of all distractions! Whether that be social media, books, movies, friends etc.  Multitasking while doing homework decreases the effectiveness of learning.  Form study groups with fellow badgers. Take advantage of study groups, these provide an environment to learn. Make sure to get enough sleep, this allows the body time to store the information that was learnt throughout the day. 

Attend class and ask questions when something doesn’t make sense!  The professor’s here at snow want to help, but they can’t if students don’t ask.  Studies have proven that students that regularly attend class do better in the class. When given a lighter load of homework use the extra time to get ahead in schoolwork.  This will free up time in the long run to do recreational activities.

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