Enjoying Christmas On a Budget

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Students can potentially save a lot of money by shopping online.  Photo by Chelsey Poole.

Students can potentially save a lot of money by shopping online. Photo by Chelsey Poole.

As the holidays approach, there is a sense of excitement and cheer. This can be a time of fun and gifts, but many college students are worried about emptying out their already lacking wallets.

For students, the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on gifts for family and friends can seem daunting. Luckily, there are ways people who are living low-budget lives can get through the holidays without dipping into their life savings.


First, students need to set a budget. Once they have established how much they can, and are willing to, spend on others, they can begin to make a plan. For those with large families, propose a gift exchange; that way they are not responsible for getting multiple gifts, but can focus on getting just one.


If students must get multiple people gifts to spread the holiday cheer, look for inexpensive alternatives such as “do it yourself” gifts and baking treats. If students can decide on a gift, like passing out bags of chocolate covered pretzels, they can save money by buying in bulk.


There are plenty of sales going on during this season, even for students who missed out on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Many stores have items discounted, they are just harder to find. Look in local newspapers, or online, for coupons that might make the shopping a bit more doable.


There are sales that aren’t announced in stores, so checking online for different deals might give students an edge this Holiday season. If they would rather make a one-stop trip to the grocery store, Pinterest has plenty of recipes and ideas for making holiday treats.


This season does not have to be stressful; it should be enjoyed with those the students love. With a little extra effort, the holidays can be celebrated without spending hundreds of dollars.

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