Enjoying Music at Snow

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Sadie Leonhardt, a student of Snow College, knows how to play multiple instruments. She became interested a few years ago, and has been progressing since.

Many people enjoy listening to music for entertainment purposes, but for Leonhardt, music is more than that. Music first captured her attention when she was doing an assignment for school.

“My first interest in music was because I was doing a job-shadow, and I job-shadowed a music teacher,” said Leonhardt. She enjoyed the thought of having a music-related career. The teacher who had created the job-shadow assignment told Leonhardt that music could not be made into an occupation. This determined Leonhardt to show the teacher otherwise.

Leonhardt enjoys everything about music, including playing, listening, how it makes her feel, and the effect that it has on other people. “I’m trying to learn a lot of instruments,” said Leonhardt. She knows how to play four instruments already and is determined to learn more.

As Leonhardt progresses, she becomes more determined to work harder. While many people would feel satisfied with knowing how to play an instrument or two, Leonhardt enjoys a challenge.

Leonhardt has a goal to know how to play eight different instruments.

During her junior and senior years of high school, Leonhardt was often paid to sing at wedding receptions.

Also, while in high school, she won a contest with her music and received $200 as a prize.

For Leonhardt, to become skilled enough at music to be offered money felt like a major accomplishment. Music has helped her to find enjoyment in life. She has learned that by challenging herself, she can improve any kind of skill.

Music for Sadie Leonhardt is no longer just a hobby, but is now a passion.

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