Ensemble Concerts Bring Full House

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Photo by Brynlee Nelson

The Snow College Symphony Orchestra mid-performance. Photo by Brynlee Nelson

As the lights in the Jorgenson Concert Hall dim over the house, the audience grows silent and looks toward the stage. The musicians begin to play, and the excitement can be felt in the music for both performers and audience alike.

It started on Tuesday, October 6, when the Snow College Wind Ensemble took the stage for a Face Your Fears concert. This concert, directed by Dr. David Fullmer, was entirely about phobias. Anything from aulophobia (fear of flutes) to astraphobia, or astrapophobia (fear of thunder and lightning), or even the common arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and coulrophobia (fear of clowns), and many more, were represented in this concert.

“Playing in the Face Your Fears concert provided one of the best opportunities I’ve had to exercise true musicianship,” says trumpet player Shad Cook. “It was a special experience to play in a group so emotionally invested in making real music… There was [also] a sense of oneness with the audience, and [their] reaction was vital to the atmosphere of the concert.”

To finish out the week, the Snow College Symphony took the stage on Friday, October 9 to perform music from movies, such as Star Wars, Spiderman, and Wicked. “I feel like this was so much better than any concert I’ve played in before,” says cello player Whitney Worthen. “We played really fun songs, and it was very powerful. We even got a standing ovation.”

“[Both of the ensembles] were terrific!” says Dr. Vance Larsen, chairman of the music department. “I think we have a really great team in place, and our students are fortunate to be able to work with a world class music faculty.”

Both of these concerts had large audiences; so large, in fact, that the Jorgenson Concert Hall was near capacity both nights. The instrumental music department is off to a successful start, and both music students and non-music students look forward to see where it goes from there.

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