Exchange Program Lets Students Study in Germany

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Students interested in studying abroad have the opportunity to go to Germany for a year. The program covers the majority of the expenses, leaving only personal spending money for the student.

Lisa Heller and Lina Wachsmuth are both international students attending Snow College this year. They are from Germany and attend a program that sends German students to America to study and to get an internship with an American company. The program is currently looking for American students who want to go abroad and live in Germany for a year.

“This is the best chance to live in another country and experience another culture. They [American students] get the opportunity to learn about the German school system,” says Wachsmuth.

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program (CBYX) sends a diverse group of 75 Americans to Germany on a cultural immersion program that includes a two-month language program, a semester at a German university, and an internship with a German company.

Once the students arrive in Germany, they will participate in an intensive language program in which they will learn the basics of the German language. It is not required for students to be able to speak German prior to joining the program. This program takes two months, and the students will be living in dorms during the language program with the other American students that are in the exchange program as well.

”I have learned a lot about the differences and the similarities about the German and American culture. You get a lot of self-confidence,” says Heller.

After the language program, the students start attending a German university. It is possible for them to continue studying their major from their American school. During the semester at the university, the students will be living with a German host family. Students and host families will be matched based on common hobbies and interests.

Once the semester is completed, the students will have an internship with a German company.

It is recommended for the students to have €350 (equals to about $375) for spending money each month to cover personal expenses, entertainment, and other non-program related costs. The program will cover the rest, such as flight tickets, tuition and fees, health insurance, program-related travel costs in Germany, along with the language program.

Heller and Wachsmuth joined the CBYX program after reading an article about it in the newspaper. They decided to apply for it and got accepted into the program. Even though they love being in America and experience the American culture, they still miss German chocolate and the German bread called brötchen.

“It is good for the cultural experience, and we have always wanted to go abroad. It is important for the future because everyone can be connected if you have experience from other countries,” Heller and Wachsmuth say.

American students that are interested in learning more about the program can go to Students interested in applying for the program need to do so on the website by December 1.

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