Expectaions vs. Reality

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Kasie Bussard catching some shut eye.  Photo by Ashley Raymond.

Kasie Bussard catching some shut eye. Photo by Ashley Raymond.

Late night Walmart runs, homework nights and dates with cute neighbors fill the stereotypical college student’s life. But is that really how it is here at Snow? I’ve asked around and here’s what college is really like, according to the stressed out, party-hard students living here on
First off, the maturity of the people here is top notch. The people seem to have a friendly spirit and are looking to make new friends. Advice I got from most of the sophomores was to try to meet as many people as you can. Having someone to hang out with at college makes the experience of being here 10 times better. Even if you only have a couple close friends, try to meet some of their friends, get some new numbers, and just be happy to be at the school known as “Utah’s best kept secret.”
Second, the workload was a complete shock to most students. College is hard and the teachers here expect students to work their tails off in order to get good grades. It’s been hard for many people to adjust but generally the students all agree that it will be worth it in the end. There’s got to be a little rain before there can be a rainbow.
A good surprise was the library. It is a very nice building and the soothing atmosphere draws students in. The library has a reputation as the place to find a date. If a girl is sitting alone on the second floor, don’t be surprised if a few minutes later she gets someone plopping right next to
her, asking her out. Naomi Coronel, freshman here at Snow said, “I’m surprised with how late the library is open.” She chuckles, ” It really is nice.”

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