Fabiana Lauf: Magic of the Madness

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Photo by Ashley Raymond

Photo by Ashley Raymond

Fabiana Lauf is from Nuremberg, Germany. She attended one semester at Snow College in 2012, but decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her musical career and attend school there. After living in Los Angeles, she returned to Snow to finish her Bachelor’s in Commercial Music.

As a vocalist and pianist, she has loved playing the piano since she started at the age of 5. She is part of the Commercial Music Ensemble and Choir, which requires her to practice a lot of music. She also loves singing Jazz music with the Jazz Ensemble.

Fabiana dreams of becoming a rock star one day. Her biggest musical accomplishment was releasing her Debut album, “Magic of the Madness” on Bandcamp. She is planning on continuing her music career.

Fabiana is enjoying the college life here and developing her musical skills on her journey in America. After Fabiana finishes her Bachelor’s degree at Snow, she plans on going to graduate school in Europe.

Fabiana loves the small campus, the small class sizes, and the professors here at Snow. Even though she’s not a big fan of how small Ephraim is, she loves the people here. She’s friendly and kind to everyone.

In her free time, Fabiana likes to work out and party with her friends, as well as go hiking. When she is able, she likes to go to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas and enjoy sushi with friends. Although most of her time is spent focusing and practicing her music.


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