Fall Dance Concert: Rhythm of the Night

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IMG_7470On November 5 and 7, Snow’s dance department performed their fall concert, entitled Rhythm of the Night. The concert featured the modern dance team as well as the ballroom team. Both groups alternated performing their pieces. The ballroom team opened the concert with a Bollywood piece, choreographed by the Snow College Dance Chair Assistant Professor of Dance, Jenny Mair. It was extremely eye catching and lively and a wonderful way to begin the performance.

The next number featured members of the modern dance ensemble. Choreographed by dance major and student, Emily Rice, this composition was entitled The Search. Rice said, “This concert was a great success, with dances ranging from tangos to modern to Bollywood, and each with a different story. The dance I choreographed was a contemporary piece. It was about our constant search for and ever-changing relationship with who or what we consider God. There [were] actual prayers spoken aloud by the dancers who had written them, and they did an excellent job.”

The concert featured cheerful, light hearted numbers as well as captivating, haunting pieces that compelled the audience to ponder on their message. Each dance brought a new thought or emotion onto the stage and never was there a dull moment.

The final set of dances were choreographed by the director, Jenny Mair. It was a set of three dances entitled Influenced Transformations. Comprised of three movements, the piece was about the pacific islands and those who live there. The first movement was a quiet, passive piece that slowly worked up to the following movement, My Mana. The second movement was set to a slam poem written and recorded by Jenna Robinson and was created specifically for this project. Mair performed a solo alongside the poem before her students performed the final movement: Spirit.

This concert was an excellent display of the talent and devotion that the dance department contains. Each dance was thoughtfully and beautifully prepared and was a remarkable spectacle to behold.

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