Fall Fashion is Finally Flaring

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Brinnah Bills models a cute cardigan with a fun pattern. Photo by Brynnlee Nelson.

Brinnah Bills models a cute cardigan with a fun pattern. Photo by Brynnlee Nelson.

Ladies and gentlemen, fall is finally upon us! Tis’ the season to be accessorizing with many playful fashion trends. I hear you. Budget is tight, but that should not limit you to the excitement fall fashion brings to the table.

For one, mix and match outfits you already have in your closet. Take an oversized boyfriend sweater, slip it on with leggings, skinny jeans, and even a pencil skirt. This trend is equally stylish and comfortable. While you’re at it, add a long chained necklace or a rope belt to your outfit.

Second, never fear the dress. I love to wear dresses, no matter what season it is. People will look at you like you’re crazy for wearing a dress in fall or winter, but that doesn’t stop any of us now, does it?

Here is a suggestion. Take a dress and add your choice of thick tights, leggings, boots, or leg warmers. All of these items leave an outstanding look to an outfit in a cozy, fun way. It is appropriate for fall and you get to wear what you want while looking fabulous.

Maxi dresses are one of my favorites. Look at it this way. They are long dresses so why not wear them in fall? Utilizing every piece of clothing is a big saver and you never know what you might pull together from the clothing you already have. I surprise myself sometimes with the endless possibilities of mixing and matching. Use the same tip from one, and pull a cute oversized or knit sweater over your dress.

Third, I have not forgotten about our men of Snow College. Come on men, don’t be afraid to pull off stylish clothing such as a plaid or solid colored scarf, oversized beanies, and hoodies.

Fourth, for you more prestigious oxford men, blazers and button up shirts are on point, with a pair of oxford shoes or vintage ankle boots. To enhance your fall look just a bit more, trench coats do the prime trick and the ladies will love it.

I want you fashion gurus to go out there and teach the world your sense of superior fashion. Don’t be afraid to share it with others.

Fifth, we may be in Ephraim but we do have a Down East Clearance on 15 E 390 N. This store offers low price clothing and deals. Mount Pleasant is also just around the corner, offering a few thrift stores Nevens Nearly New Thrift Boutique is located on 152 W Main St., and Time & Again Thrift Boutique is located 44 S State St.

You may not have much money, but thrift stores always seem to do the trick when finding those last items to complete your fall fashion look.

Get out there and find your trend!

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