Snow College Stays Fashionable

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Reese Knuteson, Preston Powell, and David Giles dress up warm for the fall season.

Reese Knuteson, Preston Powell, and David Giles dress up warm for the fall season. Photo by Cheyenne Davis

The fall season means a cold climate is sweeping through Utah. As the weather changes from a slight breeze to slapping rain and then to slushy snow, so changes the fashions to keep warm.

Standard fall attire can include an array of different clothing. Students on Snow College campus are seen wearing fluffy down coats, beanies and hats, mittens and earmuffs, scarves and snow boots to keep warm.

Scarves are especially popular right now. Flowery patterns and zesty designs on scarves add a pretty, more sophisticated touch to an outfit.

Although earmuffs, mittens and beanies are not the most attractive winter apparel, according to the head is only 10% of the body’s surface area. Only about 10% of body heat is lost through the head when properly clothed.

Before the snow began falling, some students at Snow College even wore footie pajamas. When asked about his clothing selection, sophomore Reese Knuteson said, “It’s getting cold out here! I have to keep warm somehow.”

Another trendy fall fashion around Snow College includes going to the Badger Den in the GSC or Buster’s Bistro in the Huntsman Library for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Morgan Sessions, a freshman at Snow College, said, “Not only is the hot chocolate delicious, it keeps my hands warm while I walk across campus! My favorite is hot chocolate with hazelnut cream.”

Throughout the fall and winter seasons, staying warm and staying fashionable is one in the same.

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