More Than Just a Season

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Photo by Casey Yardley

Photo by Casey Yardley

For most of the people that are native to the state of Utah, they know that the weather can change in a heartbeat.  When the fall season comes around you may think, “It is so cold I don’t want go outside”. Is there anything out there in Ephraim or the surrounding areas to have some fun during this season?

J.R Nemea a student of Snow College said “With the declining temperature a warming experience is to find a nice young lady and treat her to a drive though movie in Mt. Pleasant also to top it of it off it is nice cup of hot chocolate,” The weekend of the 11th of October is the final weekend to enjoy the one of a kind drive in Theater.

Just a couple blocks away from campus is a trampoline place where you can go and get all your energy out.

A fun thing to do with a big group of friends is to have a good-ole bonfire above Ephraim on either side of town. You can go up Ephraim Canyon, past the elk farm. Even on the west side of town is a place where everyone can fit and enjoy the warmth of the fire and the company of your friends.

Anna Fabrizio, a Sophomore of Snow college stated “I like to go up to Ephraim Canyon and explore new things with the trees changing colors and to find a lake with my friends. It is really fun.”

There are the Sno-Cap lanes just on the south side of town where you could go and practice your bowling skills. It is great entertainment to enjoy especially when you are just barely trying it out for the first time. Don’t take offense of the teasing that you might get if it is. You never know if Bob Trythall, the teacher of bowling here at the college, is going to be there to show you some tips to bowling

It is more than a season it is time to find yourself and see how creative you are and also a time to explore and find new things that this good ole town has to offer. Just as Ben Lund a student of Snow College and lives in Ephraim quoted “I like go up in the mountains and go muddin by making new trials. I enjoy the cold crisp weather with the leaves falling so I can fall in them.” So go and enjoy what the whole county can offer you. For you only have two years at Snow College so you better take full advantage of what it is has to offer before it is too late.

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