“Fat Shaming” Video Receives Backlash

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YouTube is a website where anyone can upload a video of themselves. Skateboard tricks to cat videos, YouTube has it all. YouTube can also be used as a kind of public video blog platform. Anyone can upload videos of themselves discussing anything and everything.

Nicole Arbour is a comedic, Canadian YouTuber who uploaded a video called “Dear Fat People,” in which she criticizes people for being overweight. The video has already garnered over 21 million views and Arbour’s channel was temporarily suspended because of an overwhelming amount of reports sent about the channel to YouTube. Arbour’s video has also received attention from certain celebrities including: reality star Whitney Way Thore, YouTube personality Grace Helbig and singer Meghan Tonjes.

While most of the attention for this video seems to be negative, it is an interesting reminder of people’s freedom to discuss and criticize via a public forum. It is also an example of how many people these rants and discussions can reach in an incredibly short period of time. Negative or not, the video is still receiving an overwhelming amount of attention and will probably continue to keep people talking for a while.

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