It’s The Final Countdown: Time to Study

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Math 2010 girls hit up the math lab, cramming for their final. Photo by Ashley Raymond

Math 2010 girls hit up the math lab, cramming for their final. Photo by Ashley Raymond

Finals can be stressful for anyone, especially a freshman that has never experienced finals week.  During finals week, students usually end up cramming everything they can into their brains and hoping they remember it when they get to their exam.

Though that method works for some people, there are other ways to study.  If you study right before going to bed or taking a nap, you are said to remember things better.  When you start getting tired, get up and walk around for five minutes.  When you’re tired and frustrated you will probably end up messing up what you’re doing rather than helping yourself.

Flashcards are a great way to study.  Making flashcards helps refresh the mind on subjects when you write them on the card.  Flashcards are also very easy to take with you and study while eating your Big Mac.

If you have big words that you need to remember, try finding a smaller word within it that means something similar to what you need to remember.  For example, cuddlesome is a fancy way of saying I want to cuddle.

If there is not a smaller word within the larger one that you need to remember, then come up with a catchy phrase, saying, or make a song for it.  Nobody cares if you burst out into song in the middle of the test, right?

Finals can be scary and stressful but it is important while you study to still have fun.  The night before your final, make sure you get plenty of sleep, and that morning try to eat a good, plentiful breakfast to keep you on track and energized.  Finals are scary but together we will get through them.

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