Finals Week Don’ts

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Finals week is creeping around the corner and nothing is worse than being unprepared for it. To help combat the dread of the upcoming end of the semester, here are some tips for finals week.

Don’t binge watch Netflix! However much tempting Grey’s Anatomy is, resist the urge. Now is the time to begin studying for finals. Contrary to popular belief, cramming notes the night before your final is counterproductive and is not as effective as studying over a longer time span. By beginning a new show on Netflix weeks before finals, students are bound to push off studying for “just one more episode”.

Along with Netflix, removing distractions in general help make studying easier. It is easier said than done to get rid of distractions. For Google Chrome users, there is a free extension called “Block & Focus” that students can download. What this extension does is restrict websites like Twitter, YouTube, etc. for a time period that the user sets, and then unblocks them for five minutes as a study break.

Don’t forget to eat. Studying for hours will inevitably make for a hungry stomach. Be sure to stock up on some good brain food and snacks to keep those studying skills sharp as a tack. While it is tempting to snack on chips and soda, opt for some healthier alternatives such as grapes and baby carrots. Finals week is no excuse to be unhealthy.

Tessa Thornley puts a hold on her homework by watching Netflix. Photo by Alyssa Worthington

Tessa Thornley puts a hold on her homework by watching Netflix. Photo by Alyssa Worthington

As obvious it may be, don’t procrastinate! Putting off studying or assignments to do literally anything else is a no-go. While it is important to clean the entire dorm/apartment, make sure to prioritize time. Everyone is guilty of putting off studying time to make room for some time to themselves, but the key is not to spend too much time on oneself and not too much studying. Balancing time between breaks and studying is essential for an effective study session.

With the end of the semester coming up faster than an assignment due on Canvas, it is important to not stress out.  Don’t forget to breathe. Studying for finals can be overwhelming. This is why it is important to space out studying sessions over the span of days and weeks to make room for breaks.

Keeping these tips in mind over the next couple of weeks will help ensure a more stress-free finals week. With that being said, good luck badgers!

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