Flight 370: What Really Happened?

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Photo courtesy of airlinereport.com

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, while the plane has been found yet, we’re getting closer. Photo courtesy of airlinereport.com

On March 8, flight number 370 went missing.  The aircraft was coming from Malaysia and bound for Beijing.  The plane and the 239 people who were on the flight are nowhere to be found.

Families of the victims gathered in a ballroom in Beijing, not knowing whether to be mad that they don’t have answers, or to grieve for what could be the loss of their loved ones.  How is it that in 2014, a plane and all its passengers can just go missing?

In the 11 days that the flight has been missing, there has not been any contact whatsoever with anyone who was reported to be on flight 370.  All social media sights have been carefully watched, in hopes that there will be some sign of where they are what is happening to them.

So far, there are not any clear answers as to where the aircraft went down.  There are many theories, but they change every day.  However, according to New York Times, The Prime Minister, Najib Razak said that his government believes that the plane was deliberately taken off track.

The Malaysian government said that the reason they believe the aircraft was diverted was because all its transponders and other communication devices had been turned off manually, several minutes apart.  This news was released over the weekend.

Currently, there are more questions than answers on what really happened to flight 370, but there are now 26 countries doing their best to find answers.

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