Snow College’s Flute Choir

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Snow College’s flute choir pause their rehearsal to pose for a picture. Photo by Anna Fabrizio

Snow College’s flute choir pause their rehearsal to pose for a picture. Photo by Anna Fabrizio

Snow College is well known for the many music opportunities it provides. Flute Choir is one of these. Established in 2001 by Dr. Elaine Jorgensen, who is still currently the director, Flute Choir is the only group on campus that consists entirely of flutes, hence the name Flute Choir.

Dr. Jorgensen, a member of the music faculty, has a doctorate degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and did a three-year doctoral special studies program at Julliard School of Music in flute performance. Flute Choir would not be without the leadership of Dr. Jorgensen.

Flute Choir has performed for the Utah State Senate, The Utah Music Educators Association Convention at Abravanel Concert Hall, and for various events in Utah. Members have performed together in chamber music groups in Holland and in Italy during Snow College’s music department European tours as well.

Flute Choir meets twice a week to rehearse for performances throughout the semester. At the most current performance, November 5 they performed pieces from “Quantz, Lombardo,” the very popular “ Danse Des Mirlitons,” by Tschaikowsky, and the challenging “Flight of the Bumble Bee,” by Korsakov.

Flute Choir is open for any flutist to join and have the unique opportunity to perform with approximately 12 to 16 group members. It’s not every day that you can perform or listen to a group consisting of only flutes with occasional accompanist of other instruments. But not only do they use traditional flutes, but have the opportunity to perform with the alto and bass flutes as well. These instruments add a distinguishing and beautiful tone to the group.

Being a member of Flute Choir myself, I cannot think of a more distinct and captivating batch of artists than this group. It’s rare to see such a group with such talented musicians. Come and check out the Flute Choir and see for yourself the talents this group has to offer.


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