Flyer Gets Life Flighted

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Jenna Taggart, a member of Snow’s Cheer Team was rushed by ambulance to the Sanpete hospital, and then life flighted to Utah Valley hospital. 

The team was practicing their final pyramids for their national’s competition and decided to throw in a basket toss behind the pyramid. As she was thrown in the bases couldn’t catch Jenna properly. She fell straight on her back, whipping her head on the ground. Jenna had previously suffered a concussion which worsened her condition from her latest accident. As she was sitting out from the rest of practice, one of the cheerleaders noticed Jenna’s face start to droop, once this happened she had lost all feeling in the right side of her body.  

An emergency team rushed to the college and conducted tests. With no feeling in the right side of her body and signs of memory loss, she was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Her condition worsened, and Jenna was showing signs of paralysis and brain bleeding. 

The team is now at risk of being cut and not being able to participate in Nationals, despite effort and money the team has put towards getting to compete in Anaheim California. Brey Cantwell, a member of the team said “ The jeopardy of the team being cut wasn’t running through my mind while watching Jenna go through that, and I think a lot of us at the moment didn’t care because of the situation we were in, but if it were taken away from us the chance to compete, for Snow College for the first time ever, I think a lot of us would’ve cared. It would have been devastating for us because we’ve been through so much and overcame so many obstacles and worked day and night to compete”. 

Jenna is not paralyzed and the bleeding in her brain has stopped. She commented, “I was trying to stay calm and not worry until my face started drooping to the right side and I couldn’t feel it then I kind of panicked, but for the most part I was out of it. Most of my thoughts were just keep positive and crack some jokes because I could tell how worried everyone was and I didn’t want them to worry more. It is disappointing that I can’t cheer anymore because the neurologist said no more, but I have come to peace with it. Cheer will always be a part of me and I’m grateful that I was able to do it. I’m excited to go and be able to support my team, I know they’ll do their best. I’m excited for them to leave it all on the mat”. 

Jenna’s cheering career is over because of the danger it now has to her life. But she is a living miracle and is happy to be walking on her own two feet. She’s excited to still cheer her team on in Anaheim from the sidelines.  

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