Forensics Goes To France

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parisSnow College’s Forensics team traveled across the open waters of the Atlantic to Paris, France for an international debate competition.

Malynda Bjerregaard, communications professor and Forensics debate coach for Snow College, flew to France with six Forensics team members on Mar 12 and returned back to Utah on Mar 19.  Along with the six debaters, five of Snow College’s honor students were able to tag along and have a cultural experience in France.

All the students were able to go sightseeing and tour famous sites such as, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Normandy.

For the debate part of the trip, over 30 schools were in attendance at the international competition. The Forensics team competed well and learned new ways and strategies to further enhance their debate skill set.

Jenica Failner, sophomore debater, made it to semi-finals in Persuasive Speaking. She is the only one on the team to make it passed the first round.

Forensics team member and co-Capitan, Haylee Hunsaker said, “I thought that going to France was one of the most educational experiences I have ever had for several reasons. Debating at a higher level was amazing and I learned things I will incorporate into my competition strategy now, but even more, experiencing the culture of another country brings in a whole new perspective of life that is so valuable, I can’t even explain. Seeing the historical sites and how people in France act on a daily basis was life changing for me. ”

The 2013-14 Forensics team is already preparing for the upcoming year. Hunsaker shared her thoughts, “I hope to come back swinging next year. We are ready to continue past year’s legacies and even work to do better than we did this year. I want to see the team making goals, meeting them, and most importantly, feel like they as individuals are exceeding through both their debate and academic careers.”

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