Four Teams, One Winner

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On Thursday, April 8, four teams raced against each other for the prizes granted from various places in the community. Annually, the Wellness Center has put on this amazing race, yet last year with COVID-19, they were not able to put it on.
Teams came dressed up and participated in five different events, A, B, C, D, and E trying to be faster than the other teams to win. Team 2, Kylee Kilpack, Mickayla Labrum, James Allred, Tia Sanders, and Oliver Peters, came in first, team 4 in second, team 3 in third, and team 4 came in last.
Tia Sanders, student, states, “If you’re not first you’re last. The obstacle course was favorite because of teamwork and voicing Oliver through the obstacle course was great.”
Each team competed in trying to run in big shoes to the bell tower and back, making a badger out of playdough, creating a commercial about not using drugs, finding certain objects on campus and taking pictures, and participating in a obstacle course guiding one of their team members who was blind folded through various obstacles.
First place was awarded a night at Battle Axes, second place won laser tag, and third won a pizza party. However these were not the only prizes given out. The best outfits went to team four and awarded a dozen donuts. Team one won the best badger made at one of the stations and was awarded drinks from sip it. At the end a spectator prize was raffled off to Danielle Pidcock awarding her 20 dollars to the school bookstore.
Kylee Kilpack, Snow Ambassador, stated, “Me and all my friends came to the amazing race today and it was super fun. We won and all the events utilized teamwork.”
Students, be on the lookout for events that can bring friends together, and create amazing memories like the Amazing Race.

My name is Danielle Pidcock! I am a student at Snow college where I have been studying communications and will be graduating this semester with my associates in science as well as a certificate of proficiency in communications. I have been part of the Snowdrift team for about two years and love every part of it. I joined for my love of writing and how it can influence people for the greater good. Hopefully my articles, though they may just be about events here at Snow, will influence readers in a way to love and cherish the life they have been given.

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