Gamer Gossip #4

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Photo by Olivia Bailey

Photo by Olivia Bailey

With the holidays drawing closer, the video game world has become a storm of activity as dozens of new and exciting games hit the shelves across the country.  Here are some highlights of eagerly awaited games.

Grand Theft Auto V was released on November 18 for the PS4 and the Xbox One, and is also set to be released for the PC January 2015.  Rendered in 1080p and newer, smoother graphics, this new game also boasts over 100 new songs and a slew of new animations.  This version is said to be the best GTA game in the series.  The biggest change is the option to switch the game from third person view to first person for the entire game.  From a programming standpoint, this is no easy feat to accomplish, so you can be sure that lots of time and energy were put into the creation of this game.

Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare (for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC) is the latest in a long line of Call of Duty games.  This game takes place in the future, where drones fight in wars, and sonar waves seek out hidden targets.  Battle through a variety of places from Seattle to South Korea, on a new storyline with a man who seeks to create a world without reckless deaths.  The method to do this is the use of a para-military corporation.  The story itself shows the issues of totalitarianism, fascism, and war Instead of just ”take out the terrorists,” there is more depth to the story.

These and many more are coming soon this holiday, so be sure to get out and try them out!


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