A Glimpse Into Cultures Through Film

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Photo courtesy of popcorncalories.net

Photo courtesy of popcorncalories.net

There are a lot of student life activities that Snow College students can participate in, but there are a few that go unnoticed and under appreciated. One of these activities is the International Cinema that takes place in the Huntsman Library.

Each week, the library plays a film from a different country in their native language, to give viewers an insight into some different cultures through entertainment.  “The International Cinema is a really fun place to eat popcorn and hang out with friends. You learn a lot about foreign cultures (who doesn’t want that?) and you get to learn about new languages. It’s a win win!”  said Robin Looney, a freshman who is currently taking French and has attended the International Cinema since it started earlier this year.

Since it is also open to the public, many Ephraim residents go every week to see the fun films. It’s a great experience for anyone wanting to get a feel of different cultures from the comfort of a theater seat.

The schedule of movies this year includes films from Mexico, France, Iran, Italy, Japan, Germany and many other countries. The movies are picked specifically to try and reflect the culture of the time and place they are displaying, so the audience gets a realistic experience that makes it feel like they are going on an adventure to somewhere new and exotic. Subtitles in English allow you to hear the film in the native language while still following along with the dialogue and plot of the story.

Even if movies from different countries aren’t your cup of tea, its still worth checking out. Who knows, you might be surprised at how much fun you have. Get a group of friends or roommates together one night and give it a try.

The cinema plays every Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7:30 in the Huntsman Library and its free and open to the public. The list of movies can be found on www.snow.edu. Best of all, they even serve free popcorn, so why wouldn’t Snow College students go?

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