Goodbye, Spring Break

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Mikayla Kirkby is all smiles after hiking to Delicate Arch in Zion's National Park over Spring Break.  Photo by Taylor Braithwaite.

Mikayla Kirkby is all smiles after hiking to Delicate Arch in Zion’s National Park over Spring Break. Photo by Taylor Braithwaite.

Snow College students have recently returned to classes from spring break. What many students may not have realized is that it will likely be the last spring break that Snow College ever has.
Some parents of Snow students first started to sign a petition against spring break in February of this year. Parents started the petition because they thought spring break did more harm than good. These parents hope to rid Snow College of spring breaks in exchange for a longer winter break.
The Parents Against Spring Break (PASB) did not seem to get much recognition until the middle of March when the PASB submitted the petition with 3,000 signatures of Snow College students, parents of students, and some Snow College alumni.
Ironically enough, the decision to take spring break out of Snow College’s calendar year was made final on March 24 during this year’s spring break.
The issue has gotten more attention now that the decision was finalized. Some students have started a petition to try to reverse the decision made by their parents.
Breanna Ray is one student that is working to repeal the decision. Her reasoning is that “spring break is a necessary break for students. We need that time to recuperate before continuing our studies. It is more helpful that you might think.”
Some parents have an opposing view, saying that spring break just interrupts the progress made throughout the semester.
This controversial decision has many supporters on each side, and it is unknown whether or not Snow College will have a spring break scheduled in the years to come.

Krystal Landa-Ferron is from Kearns, Utah and is a sophomore at Snow College. This is her first year on senior staff. She is a great addition to the Snowdrift staff; she is always willing to help out as well as write, and edit both pictures and articles. Krystal enjoys meeting people; she is an RA for on campus housing and loves it. She is majoring in psychology and will be transferring to Southern Utah University in the fall.

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