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The 59th Grammy Awards has left the world of music in awe with special appearances of: Adele, Beyoncé, A Tribe Called Quest, Chance the Rapper, Twenty One Pilots, and many more.

The Grammy Award held its 59th anniversary on February 12th, 2017 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. There are many exciting moments that transpired over three and a half hours. From Adele splitting her award in half to A Tribe Called Quest making their political statement, the Grammys were made something to remember.

The most talked about moment on social media was Adele winning the Album of the Year for 25, followed by praising Beyoncé’s Lemonade. What truly made it memorable is Adele breaking her Grammy in half and giving it to Beyoncé. There are some critics saying that Adele broke it unintentionally and did not really give it to her.

Many people praised Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy Awards as well. Her performance symbolized motherhood with an appearance made by her own mother, Tina Knowles. Blue Ivy, Beyoncé’s daughter, also made a visit on stage. Beyoncé’s attire had her showered in gold while embracing her pregnancy, leaving the audience in awe and satisfaction.

Chance the Rapper has become a hot topic for the hip-hop community for his success at the Grammy Awards. He won awards for Best Rap Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and Best Rap Performance. Many people admire him because of his success as an independent artist. Chance the Rapper streams his music for free and isn’t signed to a record label, which is why it is a big deal to the hip-hop/rap community.

Speaking of the hip-hop/rap community, many were surprised and hit with nostalgia when A Tribe Called Quest performed their hit song “Can I Kick It.” “I wanna thank President Agent Orange for perpetuating all the evil that you’ve been perpetuating throughout the United States,” said Busta Rhymes during their opening their performance. Busta Rhymes went on to make a political statement referring to President Trump’s Muslim Ban. A Tribe Called Quest went on to perform “We the People” and call everyone to resist.

However, not everything was so serious at the Grammys. Winners of the Best Pop Duo, Twenty One Pilots, took off their pants to accept their award. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun mention that a few years back, they were watching the Grammys at their house and noticed no one had any pants on and made a pact that if they were to ever win a Grammy, they would accept it in their underwear.

While there were many other surprising moments, such as Cee Lo Green painting himself gold and wearing a corresponding outfit making himself seem he was going into battle with the Power Rangers. These were the top resonating moments that the music awards had to offer. The 59th Grammy Award will be a tough one to one-up for next year’s 60th anniversary.

Adele shocks the crowd as she splits the Grammy for Album of the Year with Beyonce. Photo Courtesy:

Adele shocks the crowd as she splits the Grammy for Album of the Year with Beyonce. Photo Courtesy:

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