Granary Arts: A Remembrance of The Past.

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Snow College Granary Arts is releasing a new gallery in Ephraim. Hatsubon is a memorial exhibition for the artists’ father and explores the dynamic tension between tradition and performance, the diaphanous space between life and death. 

Snow College students will be visiting this exhibit for many of their Art courses.  Thomas Yardley stated “We know other cultures from art.  Art is a way to preserve culture”.

The gallery highlights how the ceremony of Hatsubon marks the first anniversary of a loved one’s death, held during the yearly ritual of Obon, a Japanese Buddhist custom honoring ancestors. This ritual for the deceased is the sending of a small vessel, Shoryobune, to sea. 

Mason Cox, a student at Snow College said, “It is interesting how art has a unique way of portraying events of the past. Sometimes it is easy to forget history until you see an artist display of the events”.

Throughout time communities and cultures have sent many of their young ones off to sea to find a better life on the other shore; at the other end of a lifetime, the ocean is home to many rituals of death, both a vehicle and destination for the final journey of loved ones. 

With this exhibition the viewer travels to Jones’ unnamed coast, where the river meets the sea, to ritually set free the spirit and body of her father.

Snow College students are encouraged to visit this local art exhibit.

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