Halloween: A Wrap-Up

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Photo by Emily Gordan

Photo by Emily Gordan

It was that time of year again. The pumpkins were out, the masks were on and the candy bags were spread wide open. This past Halloween was one to remember for Snow College students.

The Halloween Dance had a great turnout. Kaitlyn Daisson, a freshman at Snow College, said, “I’m so glad I decided to go to the dance. The DJ chose good music, the people were grouped close enough that it wasn’t awkward and I had just had a great time in general.” The SBA’s decided to add more than just a dance to the Halloween events this year. They added a Haunted Hallway that extended from the entrance of the AC to the Blue Gym. In one section of the hallway, students walked between long black drapes while the SBA’s poked at their legs.

Another event that left students speechless was the haunted house at the Suites. Marisa Coburn, another freshman here at Snow, said, “I know I got freaked out during parts of the hallway. I was trying to act like it wasn’t bad but I can honestly say that I was scared to see what was coming next.” Overall, this new hallway had good reviews and the staff is hoping to have it back next year.

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