Helen Sung Performs in Eccles Center

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The Helen Sung Quartet perform jazz in the Jorgensen Concert Hall Photo Courtesy of Emily Suckow

The Helen Sung Quartet perform jazz in the Jorgensen Concert Hall
Photo Courtesy of Emily Suckow

World class musicians are typically expensive to experience in concert. People can pay anywhere from twenty dollars to three hundred dollars to see a live concert of any world class musician or ensemble. That’s why when the Horne School of Music welcomed this level of artist, students responded, and many music majors took advantage of this free concert.

On Tuesday, September 8, 2015, the Eccles Center of the Performing Arts welcomed world class Jazz pianist Helen Sung and her quartet to the Jorgenson Concert Hall. Helen Sung, a faculty member of the Berkeley College, is a world class Jazz pianist and composer. She started as a classical concert pianist, but was eventually drawn to the jazz side of things.

“This is a relatively new thing for the western United States,” said Vance Larsen, chairman of the music department. “She’s predominantly an East Coast artist. This is the only Utah performance.”

“At first I didn’t fully understand who she was,” said Chloe Lewis. “But now that I know more about her, this is a really exciting concert to attend.”

“I’m really glad that I made the decision to come tonight,” said Lizzy Platt. “I was just tagging along at first, but I’m glad I agreed to come.”

“She’s one of the best musicians on the planet,” said Larsen. “Even if you don’t think you like jazz, you should hear her play.

The opportunity to have Helen Sung and her quartet come to the Horne School of Music was huge for all music majors, but especially jazz students. “When our collaboration with Julliard concluded, we were able to open ourselves up to a lot of people from a lot of different schools,” said Larsen. “She was able to offer a clinic for our students on Tuesday morning, so they had the opportunity to work with a professional working musician.”

Emily Suckow is a twenty year-old sophomore at Snow College. She grew up in South Jordan and graduated from Bingham High School in 2014. Being well-to do in the oboe, flute, and English horn, she was drawn to Snow for their four-year music major program, but has since switched her major and is pursuing a degree in Public Relations at this time. Emily spent her sophomore year at Snow College as Webmaster and Vice President of the Snowdrift, Snow College's student newspaper. When she was 13, Emily was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but is currently cancer-free and loving life.

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