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Horseshoe Mountain. Photo courtesy of horseshoemountainpottery.com

Horseshoe Mountain. Photo courtesy of horseshoemountainpottery.com

Hiking is the ultimate adventure.  No matter what your definition is of adventure, hiking fits in there one way or another. Why? Because out there in the wild, you are free.  Your imagination can be set free and you can feel relieved from all the regular day-to-day tasks, especially schoolwork which is sometimes a stressful burden.

Casey Pics

Photo courtesy of Casey Yardley

Here in Ephraim at Snow College, we are blessed to be surrounded by countless opportunities to go out and explore and hike. There is Palisades to the south, the west hills to the west, and the Manti-Lasal Canyon range to the east.  To the north there is Fairview and Maple Canyon. Each of these areas has hikes that can suit anyone’s thirst for adventure: waterfalls, lakes, and mountain peaks that can show you miles and miles of beautiful sights.

The sights are great, the relief from school medicinal, and the health benefits are also a good plus! We all have noticed the snow around the valley is melting and or melted, which means spring is here and summer is just around the corner. I for one know that all the hiking I am doing is helping me get that great beach body. Of course this isn’t everything one needs to do for that beach body, but it sure beats running in place on the treadmill, or sitting on the bike moving invisible miles. Trust me; hiking will make your legs sexy.

As I said earlier; hiking is amazing! It is an experience that everyone needs to have multiple times over. Of course, I wouldn’t want to tell you that hiking is easy. It’s a work out. Just like anything else in life, it’s all about progressing. You always have to keep going. It never hurts to take a rest here and there, but keep moving to wherever your destination is and I promise you no matter where you hike to, the view at the top of the mountain, of the waterfall, or wherever you may be is well worth your time.

So what are you waiting for? Girls grab your guy; guys grab your girl, friends make plans to explore the local sights here in Ephraim around Snow College. I promise you won’t regret it, not one bit.

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