History of Snow College

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As Snow College students, teachers and facility, most of us visit the Snow College campus nearly everyday. But with rushing to class, putting in study hours and the consistent stress, we hardly ever stop to think of the history of the land we are walking on.

When reading some of the official Snow College pages, I was intrigued to find out some interesting information about the Snow College Campus. Snow College was founded in 1888 by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints as the Sanpete Stake Academy. It would take 25 years and four more name changes to become what we now know it as today, Snow College. The college was owned by the LDS members until 1931 when it was then sold to the State of Utah and continued expanding to what it now is today.

Snow College classes officially started on November 5, 1888 and the school was originally a one-room schoolhouse, but has now transformed to a full on campus consisting of 82 acres and 26 buildings. At the time that the school opened there were a total of 121 students who paid $4.00 a semester for elementary education and $6.00 for high school education per term. Alma Greenwood was elected as the first principle of the academy and since then Snow College has honored 16 presidents of the campus including our current president Gary Carlston.

Snow College now serves around 4,000 students a year and is known for it’s cheap tuition and small class sizes giving students more of a hands on education experience. Snow College has also been around for over a century and is continuing to expand as time goes on.

Remember these things as you walk around campus and always remember to have Badger pride!

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