Holiday Date Ideas

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Christmas season is often seen as the ultimate time for expressing joy and cheer. One way students can celebrate is by doing holiday-themed dates or activities they haven’t experienced before. 

Trying new things may mean making gingerbread houses and for others it may be ice skating. One of the more popular events  around the holiday season is admiring Christmas lights. 

For some students, like Talon Mortenson, they may enjoy more creative and artsy dates. Mortenson said, “You know here at Snow there’s quite a few people that are music majors, so I think one thing that would kind of be fun is coming up with your own Christmas song and going caroling with it.”

Badgers are encouraged to be creative and use their differences in ways that get others involved. Though this idea may not appeal to everyone, there are more ideas that could be used instead. 

When asked what date ideas she had to offer, student Daicee Smuin said, “You could do like, a Santa Clause movie marathon. You know the one that has that one guy? He like, turns into Santa Claus, you know and he falls off the roof.”

Smuin references the Santa Clause movies starring Tim Allen, but a movie marathon is an idea that can be personalized for each couple or group. For these Badgers, watching a good Christmas movie and having hot chocolate seemed to be a nice date idea. 

Freshman Bekah Young on the other hand, focuses her ideas more on being outdoors during the winter. She said, “Sledding is a good one, building a snow fort is a good one, ice skating, hot springs.”

These ideas may not seem the most ideal for every person depending on where they are spending their holidays, but can be adapted for their circumstances, like building a fort in your hotel room or apartment. 

Mortenson said, “Right now I’m planning a date. I went and bought five-inch Christmas ornaments and the plan is to paint them.” 

Other common, festive holiday dates may include making gingerbread houses, which could be from a store bought kit or from scratch by coming up with unique ideas to build houses with items such as graham crackers. Another idea that is popular is to make and decorate Christmas cookies or go see Christmas lights. 

One thing that Smuin and Young talked about was going thrift shopping for ugly Christmas sweaters and then taking pictures to send to their family as fake Christmas cards. 

Another idea that Mortenson gave was to do a cheap dinner, saying “The goal is to go as cheap as possible and you come up with punishments for overspending on the budget.” Some ideas for punishments that he talked about included having to use spoons instead of forks and knives, tying hands together and possibly having to create a cooking show. 

Badgers can be pretty creative when it comes to date ideas and are encouraged to try things outside of their comfort zones. It may help students to find another way to spend their time, or even just something else that they enjoy doing.

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