Horne School of Music Conducts “A Mass for Our Time”

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The night of March 2 brought a new level to music, as Snow College’s Choirs put on a concert centered around religion. Horne’s School of Music conducted “liturgical music from many corners” according to the program that was handed out. The concert centered around the liturgical or the public worship of a different outlook on religions. “I do feel like anyone can relate to kind of a spirit of the whole performance,” Natalie Woolley, a music major at Snow College stated. “I think the purpose of it is to get us thinking about life and that we’re all part of something bigger.” To some of the audience, the concert felt congenial while others may have thought that it was a different taste than what Snow College usually conducts for their concerts. 

A Mass For Our Time started out with “Two Songs of Reflection ” which was followed by a common religious piece, “How Great Thou Art.” The piece penetrated through to some audience members, and according to Woolley it was among one of her favorites pieces presented. Woolley stated, “That one gets me thinking about just how amazing life is and what thought has gone into it.” Just like the piece struck Woolley, others felt a pull towards other songs throughout the concert, including some of the choir members. 

Kenya Coburn, a member of the Women’s Chorale included, “One of my favorite pieces was probably Sanctus which is kind of about how God is with us and that God cares about us.” Among other pieces from the concert each one had a different effect on the audience and choir members alike. According to Coburn, Dr. Huff the music director, does a splendid job of joining the musical pieces together. “He does a really good job at explaining the meaning of the songs,” Coburn states, “He’s really good at dynamics and directing, and it’s easy to watch so it’s easy for the choir to follow with him by the way he directs.” 

As awestruck as some audience members were from the concert, others didn’t feel a different sense of spirit with certain pieces. A Mass For Our Time had a remarkable portrayal of religious songs covering a variety of Christian and Catholic beliefs for all to hear. The next few concerts coming up include a Wind Symphony Concert on March 10 as well as the Cadence Chamber Choir concerts on March 31-April 2. 

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