Housing for Everyone: Gender Inclusive

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Snow College is introducing a new type of housing, gender inclusive housing! This type of housing will be for everyone, no matter what gender or sexuality they are. It’s being used for mostly LGBTQ+ students, but as long as you’re an ally you can always sign up for it!

The reason that we need gender inclusive housing is that not everyone identifies as male or female. People who are nonbinary or another gender need a place to live without feeling like they are intruding. Jay, someone who is nonbinary themselves and uses they/them pronouns, says, “Our little town is pretty politically charged, and the Gender Inclusive Housing will be a very welcoming assurance to LGBTQ people”, Jay is a freshman at Snow, and ended up moving out of a dorm halfway through the semester to live in a gender inclusive dorm, Jay also adds, “Personally, my experience here has been fantastic. Everyone in housing is super respectful, and they’re genuinely trying to make a welcoming environment.”

Another big reason is to have a safer place for students who identify as something other than heterosexual and cisgender to live. Transgender female and male students would feel safer with those who accept them, and students who are homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, ect; would fit in better with roommates who are also like them. 

Currently, the housing will be in each dorm building and will be designated to certain dorm rooms. There is a wish to make it a floor or to even have a separate building for it, and that could be something seen later in the future. 

For those who want to switch next year to gender inclusive housing, just go to the housing tab on the Snow Website!

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