How New Yorkers Celebrate Fall

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The Big Apple and the West Coast have two different and original approaches when it comes to celebrate the fall. Let’s take a look at the many original and funny celebrations that will color this new fall 2015 by two new, different, and original perspectives.

This year, the must events in the Big Apple are a mixture of tradition and innovation as usual. In the list of the top ten, there is the “Best of Open House New York,” the annual weekend long event, during which historic buildings, architectural masterpieces, sundry landmarks, and attractions, welcome the public for great walking tours and nosing around. This is the best opportunity to explore normal off- limits parts of New York and have a good old snoop.

Obviously, I can’t forget to write about the historical annual Halloween parade in NYC, that this year will be enriched by the pleasure of choices. In fact, the Big Apple will be full of Halloween parties, and events, (including the iconic Village Halloween Parade and the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade!). Halloween stores in NYC will be full of glam and scary costumes for the perfect Halloween time of your life!

Lastly, the New York Fashion Week will be an absolute must attend this fall, due to the consistent number of celebrities and stylists that will perform, ranging from the famous top model Gigi Hadid, to the over gossiped Kim Kardashian, to the new pop music star Selena Gomez. There will be also a great choice of clothes for all the sizes, from Burberry to Anna Sui, from Stella Mc Cartney to Fendi. It will be impossible not to find the perfect dress or the right pair of shoes, and not to talk about the most shining bag for all chic occasions.

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