Humans of Snow

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Mirroring the work of Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York”, where he spontaneously photographs and interviews people on the streets of New York, “Humans of Snow College” is capturing glimpses of the people passed by everyday here at Snow College.

Humans of Snow College is featuring quotes or short stories alongside photographs from the friends, professors, acquaintances, and strangers that make up the life and energy that is loved here.

This photojournalism project will be featured in the Snowdrift every other week of the semester, with additional posts on our Instagram page @snowcollege_snowdrift throughout the weeks.

Kameron Clay: “Jesus loves you.”

Angi Vawdrey: “I really like this job. I get to sit back, relax and talk to people.”

J.T. Ranson: “Life is too short… so enjoy Star Wars.”

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