Immigration Ban Controversy

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President Donald Trump has signed off on an executive order prohibiting Syrian refugees from entering the United States and has blocked immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

This executive order was signed on January 27th 2017 and his fifth executive order since his inauguration. The immigration ban has detained and sent back people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan. The ban will last for 90 days while the refugee ban will go on for 120 days.

There has been much controversy in response to the President’s action throughout the country. Snow College student, Alen Hajric said, “As someone who immigrated as a Muslim to America with my family, it’s disgusting to see that such a thing is happening. Muslim families come to America to start a new chapter and do great things with their lives. It blows my mind that this actually passed.”
Another Freshman, Koda Crismon, said, “It’s not okay to detain those who already have green cards. It infringes our basic freedom as a nation”

While President Trump’s reasoning behind the ban was to help protect America from terrorism, there has been backlash from people across the nation. Many international airports, including the  Salt Lake City International Airport, have been flooded with protesters angry with the President’s decision. The American Civil Liberties Union has been working to challenge how legal the executive order is. Federal Judge Ann Donnelly has put the President’s order on stay. What this means is that there are certain parts of President Trump’s executive order that are on halt until there can be a proper hearing ruling the legality of the order. Those with green cards are being released on a case by case basis.

As of right now, refugees are still not being admitted. The legality of detaining those with green cards will be scheduled in for a court hearing in a few weeks from the signing of the immigration ban.

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