Inspiration Found At Convocation

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Convocation is a pass or fail class that all students are invited to take.  Students get credit for watching and listening to famous authors, motivational speakers, musicians, scientists, dancers, and more.

Each class is a new experience.  Presentations have ranged from a one-man Shakespearean act, to members of the Utah Opera.  Even Snow’s own students sometimes perform pieces they have been working on in their Fine Arts classes.

When Ty McKenzie was asked what his favorite performance has been his favorite so far he said, “I really enjoyed the Utah Opera performance!  Especially when they sang about ice cream.  I’ve never related to a song so much in my life.”

Many students leave Convocation feeling enlightened.  This is because while the lectures differ, the theme is the same: Be happy!

If students are looking for a class to broaden their horizon, or educate them on different cultures, Convocation is the place to be.

Still to follow are presentations from authors Russ Beck and Chadd VanZantern, a Federal State Employers panel, comedian Ryan Hamilton, and a Snow College music concert.  They are expected to be fun presentations that shouldn’t be missed.

Convocation is held every Thursday in the Eccles center from 12:30 to 1:20 PM.  All students, whether enrolled in the class or not, are invited to come and join the presentations and lectures.  Convocation is also free and open to the community.

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