International Food Festival 2014

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On April 10, The International Food Festival gave students a chance to try food and learn about cultures from all over the world.


Photo by Rikako Tabata

The festival started at 5 p.m. at GSC. The main hall was decorated with many colorful national flags. People got tickets for their meal, and walked around the tables looking for their favorite dishes.

There were dishes and desserts from many countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Mexico, Arabia, etc. My friends and I made Hashimaki, which is a Japanese pancake rolled with chopsticks. It is not so popular but seen in many kinds of festivals in Japan. I was worried if American people would like this food, but many people stopped at my table and picked one. They were curious as I was putting sauce on it.

People enjoyed not only the food, but also the other cultures around the world. The International Fashion Show started at 6 p.m. People in this show wore traditional costumes. When the presenter introduced them, they started walking the runway confidently. The people included Congolese, Arabian, Japanese, and so on. After the show, we had some performances. Some people sang in their native styles. Others showed their traditional dances. The show was exotic and new to the audience so that they were surprised and cheered sometimes.

If you were not in International Food Festival, you missed a great chance to experience many cultures in the world. I hope this festival will continue every year at Snow College.

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