International Students Explore Arches National Park

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The CGE,  in collaboration with Becky Adams and Dennis Faatz, has organized an amazing trip to the Arches National Park. The trip  was open to all international students enrolled in an ESL program or enrolled in a full credit two- year program at Snow College.

This year’s trip was held in the middle of October, during fall break and lasted for three days. The group left for the park on Wednesday night and was back on October 17.

The meeting point was the CGE as usual, when the group formed by international students met the CGE staff for a short pre-departure informative meeting before the beginning of the real fun.

This wonderful  opportunity, which has been offered by the CGE to all Snow College international students, was a unique occasion for all Snow College international students to learn about this marvelous attraction, which entices tourists from all around the world each year. This unique experience has really enhanced and enriched student learning and cultural experience. In fact, in spending time in contact with nature, students learned more about themselves and the world around them.

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