Interstellar Review

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Movies like Interstellar (Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway) do not come around very often. In fact, I’ve never seen another movie like it.

Christopher Nolan has fascinated and amazed with his directorial prowess before (Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Prestige), and Interstellar continues the trend of mind-bending cinematic brilliance that has become a trademark of Nolan.

Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable in this near-future epic, and with time running out, Cooper (McConaughey) and Brand (Hathaway) are part of a group that sets out on an epic journey to find a habitable planet that can save humanity.

Telling you any more of the plot would be an injustice to this masterpiece of a film. What makes this film such an awe-inspiring piece of work isn’t simply the story, but how it’s told.

Movies in the thriller genre rely heavily on action and violence to keep an audience entertained throughout, and certainly any movie epic with a big budget employs this tactic to lure people to the theater. Not Interstellar. If anything attests to Nolan’s filmmaking genius in this movie, it is his ability to keep us completely entranced and enthralled for the seemingly staggering run time of nearly three hours, without having a single fight sequence or shootout to numb your intellect.

Quite the opposite, the director invites and encourages you to think and reach far beyond your grasp, and the results are astounding. Nolan has again enlisted Hans Zimmer to create the music for Interstellar, as he has done in previous films, and the combination of the two is as harmonious as it has ever been.

Zimmer’s score adds immense depth and gravity, and demands throughout the film that you notice and appreciate the beautifully composed soundtrack. A film that earns its rightful place among the brightest of the stars, Interstellar is a perfect 10/10.

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