Intro to Business Class Sales Again

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photo(7)Every semester, Russ Johnson teaches an Introduction to Business class. Students learn how to run a business from lectures, and through actual experience. From hoodies to lanyards and everything in between, this class designs, advertises, and sells to get the full experience.

This semester, the Intro to Business class sold black hoodies and matching ball caps, following a “back in black” theme while showing school spirit. The students’ goal: sell enough merchandise to cover the cost of producing the hoodies and ball caps, and then earn money to cover prizes they win at the end of the semester.

Russ Johnson has been teaching this class for many years, and has learned just as much as the students. He has learned that the success of the class varies from semester to semester, as well as what is appealing to students. He feels “the more a student is involved in learning, the more excited they are.”

This year, the students earned $1,300 toward prizes, including iPads and T.Vs. Congratulations to Rylie Eliason, Nathan Dodge, James Marsh, Dayna Morris, Khadijh Lautaha, and Alison Dixson for being the top six sellers.

If you are interested in taking the class next semester, the class title is BUS 1010 (Intro to Business). Johnson wants students to keep in mind that even if you don’t major in business, it’s good to take the classes, including this one. The skills you learn in the business classes transfer to any profession in the world.

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