Jenessa Ruoho: Passionate about Helping Others

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Jenessa Ruoho, who is graduating from Snow College at the end of this semester, has chosen an interesting life path.

Jenessa Ruoho  Photo by Kaylee VanDyke

Jenessa Ruoho
Photo by: Kaylee VanDyke

Jenessa is working towards being a social worker. When asked why she chose this career path, she said “I grew up watching my dad helping other people through social work, and I’ve always just loved helping people. I think it can be a fun, yet challenging career.”

Ruoho has attributed her father as her life’s biggest influence, and says he is the biggest reason why the career of being a social worker appeals to her so much. She was always close to her dad and says he is her biggest hero by far.

She spends her weekends working at the Utah Addiction Center in Eagle Mountain, Utah, where her technical position is called Psychology Technician. She described the responsibilities of the position as “glorified babysitting when the psychologists aren’t there. I make sure clients follow house rules, I make sure they take their meds on time, and I take them to meetings such as AA and CA (Crackheads Anonymous).”

Jenessa had many colleges to choose from, but she decided to come to Snow. “I almost went to Utah State; however, I got a small scholarship that helped persuade me to come to Snow. Also my older two siblings had graduated from here and loved it here. They both say it was the best times of their lives.”

What she loves the most about Snow College is how small and personal it is. “I like the class sizes and how the professors are really willing to work with you.”

Jenessa also has a deep appreciation for veterans and those in the military. She thinks they do amazing work. “There was a time I almost joined the National Guard, but I decided it wasn’t for me, it wasn’t the life path I wanted.”

Jenessa is one of many students here at Snow with a story to tell. She is sad to leave Snow College but excited for the rest of her life. Her parting words from Snow are, “It’s been fun, it’s been real, see ya Snow!”

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